On the Genealogy of Mortals

On the Genealogy of Mortals

Collection of Brad Feuerhelm


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‘In rude ages, where pessimistic judgments as to the nature of man and world prevail, the individual in the feeling of possessing all his powers is always intent upon acting in accordance with these judgments and thus translating idea into action through hunting, robbing, attacking, mistreatment and murder…’ Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morality

Drawn from the Collection of Brad Feuerhelm, this selection of cartes de visite, postcards, press images, polaroids and other paraphernalia, looks at representations of murder – the spectacle of death, and the framing of this trauma.

Each of the 80 images included in the ebook can be tapped to reveal a reverse, often marked with details in pencil, or press cuttings.