Mrs. Merryman’s Collection

Mrs. Merryman’s Collection

Anne Sophie Merryman

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Mrs. Merryman’s Collection presents 43 postcards collected by Anne-Marie Merryman between 1937 and 1980 and rediscovered by Anne Sophie Merryman following her grandmother's death.

Each of the intriguing postcards reveals a detailed reverse, complete with handwritten messages and exotic stamps, encouraging the reader to elaborate the narrative threads of this unusual collection and to unravel a hidden secret.

While Anne-Marie and Anne Sophie never met, both their lives were inspired by the postcard collection – a relationship that was born, and continues to flourish, in the realms of the imagination.

Mrs. Merryman’s Collection originated as a book that was winner of the First Book Award 2012, a photography publishing prize by MACK, London, and National Media Museum, Bradford.


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