Bohumil Štěpán

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This quirky book of erotic surrealist collages by Czechoslovakian illustrator Bohumil Štěpán was published during the Prague Spring of 1968, a brief period of political liberation.

Štěpán's illustrations are peppered with what he calls 'Erotický Humor', unusually daring collages which are always strange, sometimes dark, often naughty. Breasts recur in different disguises as clouds, balloons and dumbbells alike, together with depictions of uncanny faces where mouths, eyes and ears are delightfully transposed.

Bohumil Štěpán (1913–1985) was a painter, illustrator and graphic who studied at the Ukrainian Academy of Arts, and the Rotter School of Graphic Arts in Prague, and who established himself as an illustrator and caricaturist in Czechoslovakia during the 1960s. Opening the book is a short text in Czech by activist and writer Adolf Hoffmeister (1902–1973), which has been translated in this edition.