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Figures & Fictions

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Figures & Fictions is an app containing the work of 17 contemporary South African photographers. Based on an exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in 2011, the app includes the complete exhibition catalogue alongside video interviews with the curator Tamar Garb, audio interviews with a selection of the artists, essays and illustrations, together with an audio guide to the installation narrated by the curator.

Figures & Fictions engages with South Africa’s complex photographic and political past, addressing and reworking issues of identity across race, gender class and sexuality. The selection focuses on figural photography and the fictions or narrative structures that inform it. The work ranges from images of individuals and family groups to scenes depicting social rituals and daily life, elaborately staged scenarios and street fashion. Emerging from the haunting past of an apartheid state, South Africa has bred a generation of innovative and exciting photographers, seeking appropriate languages to confront the present and producing startling and compelling work.

…arguably the best digital photobook I've seen to date…
Selected as one of The Digital Photobook’s top digital photobooks of 2012
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