What is MAPP?

Established in Soho, London, in 2011, MAPP is a lean start-up with subsidiaries in New York and Singapore. It has quickly become one of the leading brands in the fast developing sector of ebook and app design and publishing and has been credited with setting the future standards of digital publishing.

Working with high profile international artists, curators and museums, our ambitious publishing programme focuses on what the digital space can bring to the challenging content generated by our partners. MAPP aims to be the destination publisher of illustrated and art content.

MAPP in the Press

‘A new app combines sophisticate mapping, a timeline and the Titanic’s original Morse code messages. It shows how superior our modern communications are now.’
The FT Weekend Magazine, 7–8th April 2012
‘This app serves as a template for all photobooks to be presented in a digital form.’
‘There is so much about this app to praise – with excellent enhanced content and superb navigation.’
‘Keep an eye on this app developer’
‘the app is even more stunning than the book.’
House with no name
‘Koko the Great is a simple, but beautiful, book with an important message to children.’
‘@MappEditions my kids are crazy about it, they record their voice, play with sounds and imagine new stories. Fantastic.’
‘a phenomenal iPad app’
Film’s Not Dead
‘I imagine this gorgeous coffee table book app is as close as you could get to the exhibition without actually being there. If you check it out, enjoy the photos, but don’t forget to check out the essays, because the story behind them and their collector is just as fascinating.’
‘Produced in partnership with the V&A, this app does a fantastic job of introducing kids to an art museum.’
‘Top 10 iPad apps you won’t want to miss.’